31 Jan 2013

mind in dawn

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  And I rarely slept during night. At dawn I was with the head on my pillow and with the sun soaking up my eyelashes. And it was on repeat. It felt good, but I also felt guilty. I was alone, alone, no movemet anywhere. Sometimes, just before dawn i used to make a cappuccino, and i waited on the balcony for the sun to make it's own beautiful colours. I'd than grab my camera and shoot. But I usually just waited for the birds to come fly just before my lenses. And i'd wait and wait, happily breathing fresh cold morning air.
Because studying was not someting thet came from my heart, it was needed to be done, I needed something that truly came from heart. 3 months passed and not editing, but I surelly shooted every dawn and dusk I could.
Because I loved to. Even in the morning of one exam...
And it slowly begans to be a .big. part of me.

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