16 Apr 2015

It's again that type of need, that type of wanderlust feeling that I need to go away, to discover something

How do you know what you need when you need stillness, quietness and lack of the same thing.
I want to scream my way out of it. I have no time to take off. I have tried to let go and I am tired. By human mind forces you to take time off. And I don't want to. I am tired of doing this to myself for 2 years now because of you. I am tired of trying to let go. For a while now, I want to live with no thoughts for a while.And now this thing puts me in the corner and it's that time when known things don't make sense anymore due to the absence of that one person. I am tired to let go, I am angry and I want us gone. Why do I have this feeling and king of image with me investing into the present of us.
I only want to scream quietly into my pillow. I don't want this hate type of feeling. I need to let go of certainty. This is the answer of so many thoughts. I hate uncertainty with every bone in my body and I love with no words. Letting go kills me. It always has.

And I let you do me a hickey
And I feel like I want it tattooed
I don't want it go away;
It's a sign on my body that it did happen.
I don't want to let it go and feel it did not happen

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