20 Oct 2015

backstage scene

Backstage scene or not quite.
I got around the idea that I should try fashion photography. I think the idea came to me when someone said that my photos are in that area. And I felt outraged for some reason. And I took I deeper look at them and so that there is that fashion edge to them. So I said to myself ( because all the people I know at the moment are afraid to get lost in the woods, and get themselves wet and run around in water and swim- all because well life for me is first but close to it comes capturing the feeling i'm getting when i see these moments ) ( by the way all the people i know are so scared and afraid to let themselves free that it makes me so so sad not being able to create genuine- true dear to my heart genuine content. For the moments my heart skips a bit when I get the final perfect take on camera- I would like to do a blogpost about this topic but it most definitely breaks my heart and i would like to write about it after i get the answer behind it- or the starting point of it all for my photography and life )

Oh ok- no more parenthesis for this paragraph.
So I said to myself: This is not the kind of fashion photography that I can make! I can do so much more! As an editorial lover I started to think how I can bring my photography at the next step. So I started thinking that collaborations are the answer and that it also should be fun.
Then the need for a notebook came and so that I can check the next things off of it:
Make-up artist
Props etc

The process of this all is still ongoing. Need to find out more about fashion photography and experiment more as it's what I love doing!

Finally: Here's a picture from a fiting that had nothing to do with my projects but I was waiting for my model to come pick a dress up for a shooting I had this image in front of me trough my eyes and I had to take it. I'd like to see how I see nude editorial. To be continued...

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