2 May 2015

i dreamt of you holding me


Right now. And this is once more the reflection of you on my body, face, soul, and mind.
It's like one thousand little needles pinch my heart at the exact same time.
I want nothing. And yet it hearts. Because I was a part of it. And because I loved you with every bone of my body. And I am never ready to let you go.
don't go. just stay quiet at least.

Like a stress release I woke up feeling like crying. And I did. You did not answer and I had to talk so I talked with myself in between sobs.
I want this pain to end but we do not let go entirely. I am tired to be left out of my biggest purest love so far. And it hurts drop by drop, second by second.
One second is an eternity. Now I am in the same place as you. And I watch every single car passing by. I want you near so much that I want you to go.
I am in pain, I can't eat again. I want a full stop. But I don't want it out of your arms. I dreamt of you holding me.

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