9 May 2015

keep calm in worrying and create

Every time I'm in the country I find time to shoot more freely. It's because I have -a new place that is new at the moment; more rooms so that I can find the light/sun shine in different ways and intensities and because I'm all alone in that big house. I miss that while at home ( a shared apartment is not so fun when inspiration hits). Soo...after a long time and a long debate I thing I am ready for this step. I really need it. My own place one part sleeping corner one part studio room. Photography...hm....I need to put everything I have into this plan so that I know I will be ok no matter what. I need to create, I need to grow, I need to put on 'canvas' the thing that sometimes is the only thing that lets me breath.
I beg for art. I've always begged for more. Now..I ask my mint to keep calm in worrying and creating sceneries that do not need to exist because my mind says so.


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