27 May 2015

You know those moments or memories you want so harshly to relieve but...there's just something in the way, most time distance..? But then there are the moments that are right in front of you and that can rehappen. But you keep pushing yourself out of the equation. We, people, long at any given moment. I wish I could understand how others think, because I feel at any given moment but some..don't.
   I felt a need of longing and because it has to be the end of it- I asked myself for a 5 minute run. I ran just a little and after that, not even letting myself feel tired for a bit, I sat on a fence that was around. Images from an argue came and so my eyes felt happy so I got up and just as I started to move my body and feet, at the first steps, my tears dropped. After I finished a round the block run, I stopped again at the same fence and I think I said it out loud: I think I'll never forget that moment.
The moment when my tears  and the cold  connected, had a harsh contact and it felt like most moments in life feel like, just like life itself: unreachable.
  Since then I am in an awe of me longing for the same boy again and again, when it's not even about the distance. It's about you not letting the guard down and letting someone disrespect you.
 I long for things at every step and truth is...longing don't matter; things are in front of you.

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