24 Aug 2015

deep down in my core is only you and insomnia

I'm trying to document this past month in pictures. It just came to me. Actually that's what I intended to do when I started this blog with a ride to another city. But I always post in advance since I can't find the patience to wait and because I'm always in search of the next best thing.

I can't find my peace while sleeping alone, or mostly, at home.
So I've started to sleep at my friends.
First, it was with my best friend Alex because she is from out of town and would only stay in town for one more week if I was to stay with her.
We would spend time together at the pool in town after I would get from work. We will shoot or we'll try to figure out what we will eat next. It was so strange to wake up in the morning, she sleeping, and go to my job in a hurry so that we would have more time to spend together when I'd be back. Our biggest worries where what food to pick from the supermarket and what movie to watch (one of us always ending up sleeping ) after 1000 movie trailers.

  Then we went to Arad County.
We biked, ate, took pictures and just continue living together and getting used to each other so that when I left, it felt strange to do so. We were kind of like a team. We'd spend one full day documenting on how to add a certain gadget to my blog. She'd pick up things I do and I'd pick up things she'd love or hate.

And from our shoot on a hill somewhere near her home:

Then I slept for 2-3 days at another friend from which I don't have pictures. But it felt mesmerizing to compare the habits I'd gain from these girls. And from the people we usually spend night and day with. For example I'd get used to using a coaster for my drink in exchange for trying to make her feel more carefree. Also, from Alex, I'd get a lot more paranoid about big dogs biting me or being way to careful about what I use on my face, or cleansing related. And so much more of these little things that would kind of fade away with my next stay at a different place!

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